What people are saying

Working with Kelsey changed my life and my dress size.  I love running but I hate gyms.  When I stopped running I tried the gym.  But I didn’t know what I was doing and was uncomfortable being around everyone who did, or trainers who didn’t listen. I would say that I wanted to work on my upper body and they would give me leg exercises!

I watched CrossFit on YouTube but that was over-the-top for what I needed. I went to a fitness boot camp with a friend, but I couldn’t keep up.  Then I heard about Smart Belles Fitness.  I thought about gawking strangers judging my form, tailored to my current condition and my personal goals. It sounded perfect, and it was!  Pleasant music, someone making sure my form was correct, adding just enough weight to grow stronger without doing damage.  I did more than I ever imagined with her careful training and always felt safe.  Her tips on eating and drinking were a bonus.  I’m down a dress size, more toned, and my posture has improved.  I feel like she rolled the clock back  on my age. You owe it to yourself to check her program out.

— Sally Mastellar