• Kelsey Lee Miller

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Master Your Moves

Master Your Moves with Kelsey Lee is a monthly, online, group training program for women who want to start lifting with proper form, and have the ability to perform workouts from the comfort of their own home (or the gym). Subscribe any time, stop any time. 


This is for you if:

-You want to get fit on your own time at your own home or gym.
-You want to learn the fundamentals of how to lift properly & safely.
-You want to build a strong, curvy physique.
-You want specifics on form, breathing, and to know that you're doing the moves correctly. 
-You're ready to say yes to accountability and structure because exercise is something you know you need to start prioritizing.
-You're ready to feel more energetic so you can keep showing up for yourself and your family.
-You're tired of wasting time trying to make up workouts on your own or searching 'at home workouts' on pinterest, wondering if you're doing them right.
-You are ready to commit to a structured training program 3x a week for 30-45 minutes a session.



What you'll get: 

-3 days of workouts per week


-Detailed instructional walk-through videos for every single exercise explaining correct form, common mistakes, how to breathe when you're performing the exercise & other safety basics to pay attention to.


-Printable PDF template for you to record your results and track your progress


-Access to a private facebook group with other women completing the program. This group can be used to connect, support, encourage, and ask questions to Kelsey Lee about the program each month.


This is the BEST time to jump in, especially if you've been out of the game for a while. Programs will progress monthly.


What you'll need for January:

-A few sets of dumbells (most likely in the range of 5-25lbs, depending on if you've lifted weights before or not)

-A stability ball

-Mini bands (long bands are helpful too, but not required for this month)

-Yoga mat


The best investment you can make is in YOU! I'll see you on the other side,