Kelsey's Top 10 Tips to Maximize your Home Workouts

#1: Get your groove on & put on your favorite tunes.

Yep! You heard it right! Dance it out before you start! If you aren’t feeling it that day, put on a song like ‘higher love’ by Whitney Houston, or whatever your favorite pump up song is, and dance it out! It’s almost impossible not to feel better after you finish dancing. The music also helps set the tone for the rest of your workout.

#2: Eat something before you train.

If you’re like me, eating first thing when you wake up is difficult to do. So, my favorite morning routine is coffee with almond milk and collagen peptides from vital proteins, plus a protein shake. This can be quick and easy, and you your training sesh will be OH SO MUCH BETTER if you just eat a little something before.

#3: Spend time warming up.

My favorite thing about warm ups is that it’s the acceptable time to not be functioning at 100% yet. You’re warming up, that’s the point! Getting yourself physically and mentally ready to perform. If you are a little off balance, don’t have your mind right, and are feeling funky, let your warm up be the time where you refocus your mind. Visualize yourself doing what you’re about to do, and see yourself doing it well! Focus on your breath. Focus on how you feel, and move with intention to prep your body for the work you are about to do.

#4: Get a few basic items that will improve your training sessions.

If I was going to do the whole garage thing over again and had to pick out the bare minimum essentials for someone who wasn't wanting to go hog wild and just wanted the basics, here's what I'd recommend purchasing to do a large majority of the exercises:


-a box (preferably one that has different heights on various sides, one with a 12in. side, an 18in. side, and a 20in. side would be perfect!)

-plates (25, 35, & 45 lb sets)

-dumbbells (you can purchase adjustable ones that can change weight or several different lb. dumbbells (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lb pairs to start)

-mini bands

-long bands

-an adjustable bench

-a box

-yoga mat

Many of these items you can buy second hand and refurb with a wire brush and some paint if you'd like to make them look nice. Don't feel like you have to pay top dollar for gym equipment. It's just not necessary!

#5: Commit to be focused the entire time. Do what you gotta do.

Maybe this means putting away your phone! Maybe it means going outside, or creating a small spot in the house with a mat, the equipment you have, and a towel where you can focus on what you’re doing. The environment matters, so make your environment the best you possibly can to facilitate the best training experience possible. This is literally the reason my husband and I turned our garage into a gym-we both like working out when people aren’t around and use it as a time to just to focus on ourselves and not worry about anything else. If interruptions happen, be ok rolling with it, but get back to what you were doing. This is your self-care time, so prioritize it that way! If you gotta ask your hubs to watch the kids while you do this, then ask!

#6: Get yourself in some clothes that make you feel good, friend!

If you like wearing baggy shirts, wear baggy shirts. If you prefer a sports bra and leggings, wear that. You do you! Wear something that makes you feel powerful and confident and good about yourself—trust me, as silly as it seems, it helps!

#7: Get some direction.

Looking up ‘at home workouts’ or ‘exercise at home’ on pinterest is not going to get you where you want to go. I say this with all the love in my heart, but you gotta invest in yourself! It's the best investment you will ever make! Get someone who knows the science and who can cut out all the time you’re wasting trying to figure out what to do without knowing if that’s actually going to work. The best investment you can make is in YOU! Until you are willing to admit this, you are limiting your ability to improve!

#8 Get in a community.

Even if you are working out from home, it can be powerful to have support system online. Humans are hardwired for connection; it’s all throughout scripture, but it’s also been shown through research, and we know this from our own experiences, too! We love being connected to others, it makes us feel like we aren’t alone, we can relate to what others struggle with, and have others to support us when things get tough! So get in a group where you’ll meet some new friends ,or grab a friend and jump in together!

#9: Cool down with breath work.

This is a game changer, y'all! Breath work is key to help tell your body its time for that parasympathetic nervous system to turn back on. Rest and digest, here we come! Breathing is a great way to tell you body how you want it to respond instead of just responding to the situation around you. If you actively breathe through your nose and out your mouth, using your diaphragm (belly), you will find that over time your performance will not only improve, but you will be better able to handle your anxiety and stress too.

#10 Commit to commit & schedule it.

If you decide to train from home, you can still train hard, but you need to commit, and for many of us that means actually scheduling it on your calendar. You may also need to buy a few pieces of equipment to facilitate the training sessions you need to do to reach your goals, but the investment will last a long time because the equipment won’t get beat up from overuse like it does at a commercial gym. Commit to it, schedule it, do it, and be proud of that achievement alone!

I hope these are helpful, friends. I want you to become the best 'you' possible, and if you have to start training at home to do that, then let's create an environment for you to be successful in.


Kelsey Lee

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