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I’ve been going to Kelsey Miller for fitness and strength training for approximately a year.  Over that time, Kelsey has gradually and carefully helped me to become stronger, with more energy and stamina.  As a woman that is 72 years old, Kelsey ensures that I do the exercises carefully so as not to injure myself.  But, she still challenges me sufficiently to allow me to have made remarkable progress.  I surprise myself at what I’ve accomplished and what I can do.  Kelsey is positive and up-beat in her approach and professional in everything she does.

Georgeann Lovett

I trained with Kelsey at the Fitness Edge in St. Louis. She was knowledgeable, professional and listened to my training needs, likes and dislikes . Kelsey is a very personable individual who I enjoyed working with each time. I recommend her services without hesitation.

Kyle McClain

Kelsey has been my personal trainer for nearly 1 year. She has always displayed an expert knowledge of the field and has inspired/assisted me in attaining my personal fitness goals. It saddens me that she is leaving the area and will no longer be available to be a part of my fitness life. That being said, I am sure she will succeed in any position she pursues in the future. I would highly recommend Kelsey both professionally as a trainer and as a personal of high moral character.

Zachary Varble

Working with Kelsey changed my life and my dress size.  I love running but I hate gyms.  When I stopped running I tried the gym.  But I didn’t know what I was doing and was uncomfortable being around everyone who did, or trainers who didn’t listen. (I would say that I wanted to work on my upper body and they would give me leg exercises!
I watched CrossFit on YouTube but that was over-the-top for what I needed. I went to a fitness boot camp with a friend, but I couldn’t keep up.  Then I heard about Kelsey Lee Fitness.  I thought about it...no gawking strangers judging my form, tailored to my current condition and my personal goals. It sounded perfect, and it was!  Pleasant music, someone making sure my form was correct, adding just enough weight to grow stronger without doing damage.  I did more than I ever imagined with her careful training and always felt safe.  Her tips on eating and drinking were a bonus.  I’m down a dress size, more toned, and my posture has improved.  I feel like she rolled the clock back  on my age. You owe it to yourself to check her program out.

Sally Mastellar

As a beginner, I had two goals when I started working with Kelsey: improve my strength and gain confidence in the gym. After a year of training, Kelsey has helped me meet both of these goals beyond my expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, always available to answer questions, listens to your goals and concerns, and is an awesome encourager. Her personally tailored programs have helped me to learn to LOVE the gym and have decreased my knee pain.  I have also made a number of lifestyle changes based on her researched information, which has helped to alleviate stress in my busy life (full-time doctoral student and part-time employee). I have never felt or looked better, and my life has changed in so many great ways since working with Kelsey. I can't recommend her enough!

Christina Wiese

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